Originality; And the lose of IT.

Oh yes, everyone is original today but everyone is also busy copying some actor or sportsman or any other person they idolize, and yet they are original in their own senses.

So why do we copy in the first place, simple it is just the human nature to be known, to be famous even if it is for a moment, in being famous we forget that we are losing what we truly are, and also that no body just nobody will care about how famous we were in high school or in college or in any phase of our life if we are nothing but just a copy of someone else. So being your true self is as important as eating or sleeping or breathing.

If we strive to be original we will succeed in life even when all odds are against us. If that doesn’t work for you let’s catch up on some examples, take Barak Obama, that man is an Idol for millions and millions of people you know why because he is original, he doesn’t say shit to please the people or the president, he says what he feels even if Mr. Trump doesn’t like it. Not happy yet then take the 7 boys of BTS, who were they when they entered K-pop industry, just a bunch of seven young boys from a really small company Big Hit Entertainment, they faced so many allegations, from Antis to plagiarism checks, they made their own mark in the industry and are perhaps the greatest boy band alive and guess what they have won the Billboard music award Twice in a row yet they still sing in Korean, managing an international fan base known as ARMY just because these talented boys are Original.

I hope you have sufficient reason now to believe that if you’ll be something that you want to be you can be so by just being original and not being a Xerox of someone else who perhaps doesn’t even know you exist. So be true to who you are because it takes courage.

Wake up every morning and be you the whole day, even if you fail in attracting people or doing what you want to do… You sleep Happy, just like a Kid because kids never copy someone it is us adults who suffer from this syndrome to be someone else.

To sum it up as John Mason puts it “You were born original. Don’t die a copy”.

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I know I kinda stuffed this blog with so many picture quotes but I liked all of them and I was too lazy to choose only a few out of them, but guess what that is what I originally am… So I was just being myself and not copying someone.

I do realize the fact that I took a while, I mean a great while for this blog but I just got busy with a few things and I didn’t felt like writing a half baked apology for it so I am sorry and thank you for bearing with me. I love you all.

Take A Stand And Own It

To begin with, most people do d it difficult as well as tiresome to take a stand and if they do it’s even harder for them to stay by it. Stand up for yourself… own your decisions because you know what no one gonna do it for you

If you say something knowing that their might be a probability that what you say is wrong… Yet stick to it… Have your own view about things… Thing that matter, don’t worry if people don’t agree to your viewpoint… Just have faith in yourself

Like everyone else I have made a mistake or two in my life but if that ever taught me something then it is ‘if you do something do it with all your heart and just don’t regret doing what you did… Put your head in place and control what you want to… If you say something stick to it.’

Don’t shy away from expressing what you really feel, be it love, anger, happiness, sadness, or even hatred and once you learn to express yourself; (without feeling the need to explain anything because you stick to what you did) you can do wonders such that you yourself would be amazed.

If you can’t express your hate towards something, you won’t be able to show your love… Until you learn to disagree, you could never completely agree…

That’s why I make sure to express my interest and emotions to everyone… And so should you…

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In the end I would say whatever you do, Nail it like a PRO.

Courtesy: When we need it the most

After having a mental fight with myself for over an hour and a half over what topic I shall begin with, I finally decided it to be Courtesy which according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary means polite behavior that shows respect for other people.

So here we go…

Every morning when I go the college, I see a lady in her early 40 sweeping the road, and she usually keeps an expressionless face which sometimes turn to sadness and at other times to anger over the annoying and so called rich class that usually does nothing but criticize people like her… I don’t know her but I am pretty sure she must have a lot to say of the indifferent people. Everytime that I see her I make sure to wish her good day or ‘Namaste’, the traditional Indian salute, and ask her how she’s doing, with a smile from ear to ear she would respond back in a nice and affectionate tone as if I am her own daughter that she is very good and she hopes that I am good as well.

I don’t know her, she don’t know me but the point I am trying to make here is ‘even though we are so busy with over lives and we might have several important thing to do, but a simple expression of thankfulness and courtesy towards the people who help us in some way, would not hurt anyone and it could change their moods for the rest of the day.’

I might not be in a position to teach some of you the difference between right and wrong… But what I can do is tell you in your face that be nice or else no one will give a damn about you being alive or dead… Just kidding… What I truly want to say is that in our oh so busy lives we are somewhere losing our senses that the people around us also exist and they feel… As I previously said a few words of kindness won’t hurt.

So be kind and don’t lose your Manners that make us what we are.

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Again a big thank you. I love you all…